Fall flavors are always fun…and universally cozy. But if you’re not excited about the change in temperatures and in weather, you can combine those seasonal vibes with the beach to remind you of hot summer days. To be clear, we’re not suggesting you put sand on your salad, but instead Excite My Bite Balsamic Vinaigrette – a healthy salad dressing that will jazz up your seafood and seasonal veggies. This thick balsamic vinaigrette will add rich, savory flavor to all the vegetables of fall, while your seafood protein of choice will remind you of those sweet, sweet seaside days.

1 head of romaine lettuce
4 green onions
3 cherry tomatoes – or more, if you like them!
1 mini yellow pepper – roasted, for a smoky flavor
1 mini orange pepper (roasting optional)
1 can of tuna
3 tbsp of Excite My Bite Balsamic Vinaigrette

Rinse all vegetables and pat dry. Slice open peppers and remove seeds. If roasting, place under a broiler until blistered, cool, and chop into bite-sized pieces.
Chop the romaine into bite-sized pieces. Add to bowl. Add chopped pepper.
Thinly slice the green onions. Add to the bowl.
Open the can of tuna and drain well. Mix in 1 tbsp of Excite My Bite Balsamic Vinaigrette and mash with a fork. Add to bowl.
Drizzle remaining dressing over salad. Enjoy!
(Note, this is for one serving – if you want to make it more of a meal, double the