Why Use CBG?

The studies and trials exploring CBG effects on humans are not yet conclusive. However, there are many preclinical studies and reports from users that provide insight. They help us better understand some of the potential benefits of these cannabigerols.

CBG will not give you a psychoactive or intoxicating feeling. But may offer you other distinct therapeutic benefits, including:

CBG Benefits

Pain Relief

Every popular cannabigerol offers an analgesic effect. One of the reasons marijuana is popular for individuals suffering from chronic pain. CBG can be a very effective way to manage pain. The entourage effect might also help lighten the mood body aches damped previously.

Bacterial Infections

CBG has demonstrated the ability to fight bacterial infections. Researchers tested the antibacterial potential of a wide array of cannabinoids. They pitted CBD, THC, and CBG against MRSA. CBG outperformed other cannabinoids and acted similarly to vancomycin, a very potent antibiotic.


People often use marijuana when dealing with conditions that cause spasms or convulsions, like epilepsy. CBG seems to have antispasmodic properties, which helps alleviate or get rid of seizures caused by epilepsy. That can improve the lives of those with the condition.

Enhancing Mood

CBG can tell the body to stop absorbing serotonin, and this leads to a boost in mood and boosts anandamide levels in the brain, thus inhibiting the enzymes that break down anandamide. Low anandamide is associated with depression symptoms.


Cannabinoids like THC tend to trigger paranoia and anxiety. However, CBG is famed for its potential antidepressant properties. CBG can help balance your mood and, therefore, may help with depression.


Both CBG and CBD appear to offer some anticancer properties. This is due to their ability to inhibit abnormal cell growth and multiplication. Studies also show they can hamper the melanoma cell formation in mice’s skin, preventing tumor growth.

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